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Are you a lawyer, attorney, legal writer or law firm owner looking to grow your brand through guest posting? There is good news for you. We have started accepting guest posts.

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Writing Guidelines for Law Guest Post

It must be informative, descriptive and quality article in minimum 700 words. You may add few reference links to any high authority wiki, gov. or news type sites.

Please email us at if you are looking for a link to your website to add in the guest post.
  • Minimum 700-1500 words long with a relevant image.
  • Divorce and Family Law related topic are accepted within hour.
  • Only legal topics like; Criminal and Police Matters, Employment and Industrial Law, Personal Injury, Criminal laws, Commercial Law and Business Law, Workplace Accidents etc.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.
  • Have a conclusion.
  • One link to your company’s website in the body of the post.
  • Have a author bio at the end (about 50 words). One link in author bio.
  • Your completed post as an HTML file or Word Doc.

Topic Accepted for Guest Post

1. Immigration Law
2. Divorce lawyer
3. Normal file case
4. Labour Law
5. Property Law / Real Estate
6. Bankruptcy Law
7. Criminal Defense
8. Civil Law
9. Banking Law
10. Crisis Control
11. Intellectual Property
12. Employment Law

13. Family Law
14. Personal Injury
17. Criminal Law
18. Maritime Law
20. Criminal Justice
21. Criminal Procedure
22. Corporate Law
23. New Rulings in Criminal Law
24. Subjects related to the above

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