Divorces can be excruciating for a couple, taking a huge toll on their mental and physical health. The process is complicated and overwhelming and most often requires a lot of effort. People generally get divorced only once in their entire life, and quite naturally, it is a first-time experience for many. 

This is why consulting with specialist, reliable, and efficient family lawyers in Brisbane is extremely important for something as crucial as a divorce settlement. Taking the help of a divorce solicitor will help you avoid any confusion and costly mistakes that are quite commonly associated with divorces.

In the next part of this article, we will take you through 10 common mistakes people make during divorces. Something as simple as consulting divorce lawyers can help you avoid these common and costly mistakes during divorce proceedings. Let’s take a look at them.

Going forward without a financial order: While a financial order is essential for divorce and family law cases involving financial arrangements, even if there are no financial ties, you still need a financial order to get a clean break without any future claims and hassles. 

No financial planning: You need to understand the financial implications and planning when making or settling a claim surrounding the divorce. It is important for a family lawyer to help you understand the same and plan accordingly. 

Re-marrying before a complete financial settlement: A scenario that every solicitor hates about family law cases is where a client has planned or scheduled a wedding before they have the decree absolute. 

Offset capital assets for child maintenance payments: This is often asked on behalf of the primary carer, but the answer is a no. 

Discussing with the children: Children don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with adult problems as complex as divorce. So not discussing your ex-partner or the divorce with the children comes at the top of the list. 

Thinking that the court or you can change your ex-partner: The court can only pass a legal judgment or order. No one can change your ex-partner’s mind if they are unresponsive, difficult, or unreasonable. 

Seeking legal advice from family and friends: Deciding the strategy for your family law case requires specific knowledge and expertise. Seeking legal counsel from family and friends can be consoling but is not a very good idea in terms of the legal aspect. 

Going to court directly: Going to court with an application directly is not a good idea. Taking the help of legal professionals and a divorce solicitor is a good enough way to go. 

Not monitoring your own social media posts: Your social media post can be seen by a Judge as well. So it is better to refrain from posting anything objectionable about your case. 

Not taking help: Hiring a divorce solicitor is the most important step and along with that, remembering not to do everything by yourself is also crucial during a divorce. Take help! 

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Ending Note

Avoiding these mistakes during a divorce will help you make the process easier, faster, and much less complicated. It is already major stress, and it is better to make it as simple as possible with the above points in mind and seek the counsel of professional legal advisors specializing in divorce.  

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